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To: Monmouthshire County Council

Stop Speeding in Llandogo

Stop Speeding in Llandogo

Stop speeding through Llandogo by improving road signage and installing effective traffic calming measures, including a permanent, fixed speed camera.

Why is this important?

To all those who want safer roads, to all those who love walking, cycling, sightseeing and living in the lower Wye Valley and to all those who are fed up of seeing reckless drivers using rural village roads like motorways, please sign this petition.

Currently drivers travelling through Llandogo can break the speed limit, driving at whatever speed they want, when they want. And they do. We have the data. Vehicles have been logged by Llandogo Community Speed Watch driving 60-70mph. Drivers even overtake other vehicles in the 40 and 30mph zones in order to maintain their high speeds!

We are the only village on the A466 not to have prominent road signs or any traffic calming. Even villages on surrounding B roads have better measures with rumble strips, driver feedback signs, pedestrian crossings and islands. For some reason though, Llandogo does have yellow lines preventing parking roadside at weekends, when other villages are unrestricted and their parked cars serve to slow traffic further.

Speeding was identified as the No.1 concern for Llandogo residents in a recent community consultation, but because the village is not an 'accident hot spot' Llandogo has been completely overlooked by the authorities. The sad truth is, the community is being impacted 24/7 and it's not positive. As traffic speeds, intensity and road noise have all increased the residents have had to adapt, changing their behaviour and curtailing activities they once enjoyed, such as walking, cycling, running, even gardening and playing games; health-boosting, sustainable activities.

Crossing the road on foot can be intimidating, especially for the elderly and the young heading to the school and bus stops. Well used footpaths end abruptly at the road edge with dangerously little visibility for both walker and driver. Pets are regularly killed or maimed on the road. Manoeuvring out of driveways is often met with aggression from speeding drivers and close misses are too common. Local people actually fear to cycle on this road. A serious road traffic accident in Llandogo this summer involved an Air Ambulance evacuation of a cyclist from the village green. Cyclists and pelotons are often cut up by speeding drivers taking risks. Speeding and aggression on the A466 is a constant topic raised by tourists to Llandogo.

If we do nothing it will only get worse. Please sign this petition to make Llandogo a safer and more pleasant place for the local community, for visitors and for all road users. Let's stop drivers breaking the speed limits in Llandogo.

How it will be delivered

Signatures will be delivered to our County Councillor to present, on behalf of the community, to Monmouthshire County Council.

Llandogo, Monmouthshire

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Reasons for signing

  • I love this village and know it well. The speed control measures are ineffective. "Not an accident blackspot" is not a reason to withhold enforcement. The villagers should not be subject to the danger of speeding vehicles. 30 means 30 for a good reason - public safety! Don't wait til someone is killed.
  • The speeding and the associated road noise regularly make me consider closing my business and moving away from the Wye Valley. It's a dangerous road and it needs to be addressed.


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