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Dear Sir,
Rather than destroy something of huge historical importance in Halstead, by allowing the demolition of the largest collection of Air Raid shelters in the country, would it not be better to consider retaining them for future generations? Something lost can never be brought back. Do we really want our town to just be a clone of every other? Instead it could be turned into an attraction the town could be proud of, something that other towns do not have, with information boards telling of the history of the town through the war years and the significance of everyone of the fine air raid shelters there, all set within a wildlife nature reserve. With so many natural springs flowing through the land it would be perfect as a wetland area, where the many newts and frogs could continue to thrive also. We also have many sightings of bats, owls, hedgehogs and so many wild birds etc. on this lovely piece of land. Why not be proud of what we have rather than bury it under yet more development.

Kind Regards,
Alison shea
Eileen Penn

Why is this important?

A very big thank you to everyone who helped in our fight against Tesco. Now we need to fight Round 2!!

This green lung, just to the east of Halstead High Street comprises woodland containing 9 Trees under Tree Preservation Orders and natural springs that provide a wetland environment for amphibians. There are also 16 WWII air raid shelters, 9 of which are listed: as a group this is a very rare thing. Braintree District Council plan to ‘regenerate’ the site, to build more roads, properties and shops and demolish all but one or two of the shelters. We want this land to be conserved for present and future generations, to be a green haven, a heritage site and something that the town can be proud of.

Thank you again for your continued support - let's see if people power can win again!!!

Eileen Penn
Halstead 21st Century Group
'Preserving our past for the future'

This is a large area of natural woodland, with several very mature trees, full of wildlife: deer, bats, owls, hedgehogs, squirrels, rabbits, newts, frogs etc. It is also home to one of the largest collection of Air Raid Shelters in the country, sixteen in total, which are of a huge historical importance. The many bats are also known to roost in them. These shelters were for the use of the mill workers (Courtaulds Mill was nearby) in Factory Lane East and the Mill Managers who lived in cottages in Vicarage Meadow. It would be lovely if this could all be retained for the people of Halstead and others to visit. All the mature trees could be retained and some of the grassy areas made into parkland, with the rest being maintained as a nature reserve.. Each air raid shelter could have an information board, with likely items from the war years on display. And the many deer and other animals could be allowed to continue roaming free.
Alison shea

Land behind Factory Lane East, Halstead, Essex, United Kingdom.

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Reasons for signing

  • The wartime Home Front heritage is greatly overlooked and much, if not most, features have already disappeared. A survival on this scale is very unusual, and should be retained for future generations if at all possible.
  • preserve the wild life and history
  • We should save ALL WW2 and Cold War sites for the future of our history.


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