To: Nick Jeffery, CEO, Vodafone UK

Stop the Burmester Road mobile mast

Stop the Burmester Road mobile mast

Respect Wandsworth Borough Council's decision, halt construction of the Burmester Road 15m+ mobile phone mast and move the site to a more suitable location.

Why is this important?

Have you noticed the new metal cabinets at the end of Burmester Road? They are part of Vodafone's plan to build a 15 metre mobile phone mast on the corner with Garratt Lane.

You may have heard about this before. The original plan for the Burmester Mast was opposed by numerous local residents and rejected by Wandsworth Council in December 2016. Vodafone have always been well aware of this.

Thanks to a legal loophole, Vodafone consider they can build the Burmester Mast anyway, within metres of Burmester House, despite the objections of local residents. Indeed, they sent the diggers in at the end of August to start work by building the cabinets.

Mobile phone companies such as Vodafone should listen to local residents. There are acres of industrial use land on the far side of Garratt Lane where the mast could be situated, which would still give us better 4G coverage. Wandsworth Council are trying to find alternative sites, but Vodafone consider that legally they could still build the Burmester Mast.

If we unite, we can stop this. If you want your voice to be heard, please sign this petition calling on Vodafone to relocate the Burmester Mast. It will only take 30 seconds.....

London SW17 0JL

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Reasons for signing

  • The mast is unnecessary, would be an eyesore, and the location is inconsiderate and just stupid.
  • It's outrageous! I too will have to reconsider using Vodafone in future if they persevere.
  • I'll have to think about that contract with vodaphone if they treat the community like this...


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