To: NHS Lanarkshire & Integrated Joint Board

Stop the closure of Douglas Ward

Stop the closure of Douglas Ward

Stop the closure of Douglas Ward in Udston Hospital, Hamilton.

Why is this important?

On 30 October 2017, NHS Lanarkshire voted to close Douglas Ward at Udston Hospital. This decision was made without proper public or patient consultation. The ward provides crucial lifeline care to patients with complex health needs. Many of the patients have lived there for over ten years and now consider this their home, as do the relatives who visit. Its closure means that its patients will move further away from family and friends, and have less contact from loved ones and the additional support they desperately need.


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Reasons for signing

  • My father spent the last years of his life in this ward, with excellent care given!
  • This hospital provides an essential service to the community. We cannot afford to lose it.
  • I have known Kerrie Ann's aunt for a long time. She needs the excellent support and care provided by the Douglas Ward staff. She and the other patients should not be forced to move to another location, with different staff, who would have to then begin building new relationships with the patients. Given the amount of money wasted in other areas across the NHS, they should seek to reduce this and leave Douglas Ward and Udston Hospital to continue to provide care to their patients.


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