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To: Barking and Dagenham Housing department

Stop Tony from being moved from his home

We won! Tony is allowed to stay in his Home

Let my brother stay in the home that he has lived in for 45 years with the support of his family and the local community around him.

Why is this important?

Tony has Downs syndrome and is partially sighted with no sense of direction.

Our mother Margaret passed away recently. He has lived in the house all his life, and he has the support of the local community to keep him safe. Our Mother was his carer; I am now going to fill the large hole left by her passing and take care of him.

I have offered to give up my tenancy in the same borough to move in and provide care for my brother. Due to the house having three bedrooms (Not large) one of which is used as his dependency room. We are being told that we can not stay at the property as it would be under-occupied by one room.

The upheaval and loss would be detrimental to his health and well being.

How it will be delivered

We have sent a link to local councillors and our MP. The Dagenham Post have offered to run a story to promote the petition.

Rutland Gardens, Dagenham RM8 2HH

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