To: Theresa May and U.K. Government

Stop Trump's state visit to the UK

Stop Trump's state visit to the UK

Rescind Trump's invitation to the UK for a state visit.

Why is this important?

The UK must show itself to be above Trump's racism. To retain the invitation legitimises him and diminishes our country in the eyes of the world. We should be taking a principled stand against him, not welcoming him with a fanfare.

Furthermore it is an embarrassment to HM The Queen, who lived through the second world war, to ask her to stand side by side with a President who's soft on Nazis and White Supremacists.

Donald Trump regularly undermines values that our country holds dear - gender and racial equality, human rights, religious freedom, freedom of the press and preservation of the environment amongst others. He should not be given the prestige of a full state visit.

Reasons for signing

  • The Queen should not be expected to host a creature who's publicly insulted several members of her own family. (google "Trump British Royal", there's plenty out there & some of it in Trump's own Twitter account)
  • So that the UK does not reward his bigotry and feed his ego.
  • His values are not ones held by most British people. I resent MY taxes going towards the security for his visit


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