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To: Somerset County Council, Somerset West and Taunton Council, Heart of the South West of England Enterprise Board

Taunton area says Yes to new cycling routes and parking

Taunton area says Yes to new cycling routes and parking

Please develop, prioritise and promote a major capital scheme bid of £10m for Central Government funding for major improvements to the Taunton area cycling and walking network. This would 'turn the local cycle network blue' see

Why is this important?

Taunton has massive potential for more cycling and walking journeys as an alternative to short car trips.

Fifty percent of trips in Taunton are less than 2 miles. More cycling and walking would help reduce congestion, cut pollution, improve health , give people more reliable journey times, and save them money. It would give freedom and independence to some of the thousands of people who don't have access to a car, particularly young people and children. An efficient transport system will support the economy.

Already cycling to work levels in Taunton are double the national average, although there has been very little investment in the last 15 years. Even without investment , cycling in the Taunton area is popular. With investment Taunton will become a beacon cycling town with good cycling links from Wellington, Bishops Lydeard and Kingston St Mary.

Somerset County Council tends to favour road schemes when bidding for capital funds for transport. Over £40m has recently been spent or is planned for road schemes. We are asking their the next major scheme is a cycling and walking network project.

Taunton is a 'Garden Town' and sustainable transport should be at its heart. Approximately 5000 new houses are planned for the town and so a new approach to transport is needed. Just sinking large amounts of money into new roads won't provide a sustained solution.

How it will be delivered

We plan to submit the petition to Somerset West and Taunton Council on Tues 3 Dec at their full council meeting. It starts at 6.15pm in Deane House, Belvedere Road. There are approx 1700 signatures in total. Please come and support!

Taunton area

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Reasons for signing

  • Cycles and pedestrian 2nd class to cars in Taunton
  • Cycling and walking are great for maintaining physical and mental health. Making it easier and safer to ride and walk will improve community wellbeing.
  • its healthiier and will help the traffic problems in taunton if people cycle or walk especially on short journeys


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