To: Nestle and Buxton Town Hall

The Buxton Water Scandal

The Buxton Water Scandal

Make sure that the Buxton water Lion’s Mouth Spring at the bottom of the slopes is never turned off.

Why is this important?

I have visited the Town Hall in Buxton, on various occasions, requesting a contact number for whoever is responsible for turning off the Lion's Mouth Spring at the bottom of the slopes. This has been happening regularly and for long periods of time.

The Town Hall have been extremely evasive and dismissive and I have visited Buxton Advertiser on three occasions, asking them to look into it, should they be so kind, which they have been and have followed it up. My last visit to the Advertiser was today and I was told that they had received an email explaining what was going on.

In short, the email stated that they were trying to work out the best way of reconnecting the supply from the pump house to the lion's mouth. Hmm, that seems to be in contrast with what I was told by multiple members of the office staff involved with renovating the Crescent. They informed me, and were quite adamant about it, that the supply pipe at Nestle was connected directly to the lion's mouth outlet, and they knew this, becasuse the first time that the spring stopped, they thought somebody on site was responsible, but discovered that this was not possible, due to the above and they also informed me that they have no input, nor are they doing any work on the pump house at all, because they contracted a separate company in to do that.

I will detail the reasons in more depth, should the need to arise, but for now, it ought to suffice to say that the spring has now been turned off for eight days. I have left a flyer taped to the statue, stating that there will be a meeting there at ten o'clock in the morning, this Sunday, 13th August, to sign a petition and to discuss the issue.

On Monday morning of the 14th August, we will be meeting again, to present the petition to the Town Hall. I intend to send other petitions, with more signatures, through online methods and I aim to start a 'Ban Nestle Products' movement in Buxrton and a march to Nestle, to explain our demands, which are "Leave our fresh water spring alone".... erm, that's it, really.

All this takes time and energy and I don't want much of yours, but if you support the historical use of Buxton water, from a public spring, for free, just 'like' this post. I will use the likes as support for the petition.

It is important, because people depend upon this water as it is healthy water and not detrimental to the health in any way, as tap water is. It is important, because Nestle and Buxton Town Hall seem to be hiding something and being elusive about the matter, so one can't help feeling that some form of underhand practices have been exercised.

Thank you, for your time, and if you would like to sign the petition and hopefully meet some rather nice individuals, that would be fantastic.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to Buxton Town Hall at ten o'clock on Monday, 14th August.

Buxton, Derbyshire

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Reasons for signing

  • Nestlé have no place in Buxton. Our water our money! Should be bottled by a Buxton company.
  • Buxton water was the only water I used to like to drink, it now tastes completely different. It was slightly salty before but there now seems to be no mineral salts in it. Also not only is the spring turned off but when it does run the water is cold, it is supposed to be warm and always has been ever since I can remember until Nestle started tampering. I hope Nestle are happy I no longer drink any water
  • Nestle would love to close the well, bottle the water and sell it back to the people and i dont want to live in a world like that,its time to hold these big businesses to account!


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2017-08-11 23:18:35 +0100

Have been approached by a mainstream tabloid. Also by a press agency that would like to discuss why spring over tap water :D. I have received a message from a legal organisation that defend and represent causes like this, to offer their help. I am designing T-Shirts and formulating a boycott Nestle products movement for Buxton. I am planning something 'legal', but very special for Nestle. Akin to when we went to Birkenhead Magistrates Court in March of 2011 and seized the court and arrested the judge for high treason, for a council summons over council tax.

If we stick together on this, we can provide what is an essential right of human beings. Free water. Not drilled, just there, free, flowing, fresh mineral water for all to drink. Oh, on the note of dogs drinking from it, water flows toward the ground, due to the law of density.

Thank you :).

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