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To: The UK Government

The Government must provide emergency funding to foodbanks

The UK government must immediately provide emergency funding to foodbanks within the UK.

Universal Credit and cuts to public services have seen foodbank use rise dramatically in the last five years.

In relation to Universal Credit, a study by Foodbank Charity The Trussell Trust and Oxford University found foodbanks in Universal Credit areas saw a 52% increase.

The summer holidays has brought the issue of holiday hunger to light. Childrens families who rely on free school meals are being forced to use foodbanks.

Why is this important?

It is well reported that foodbank use in the UK has seen an unprecedented rise in use.

They rely solely on public donations to feed people.

Because it is government policy that has caused this rise, they must intervene now.

Foodbanks are running out daily and face the awful task of turning people away. Health and wellbeing is at severe risk.

These charities are doing the government's work free of charge.

This must change.

How it will be delivered

I plan to deliver the petition in person to 10 Downing Street with volunteers from foodbanks throughout the UK.

This is their doing and we must force change.



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