To: The bank of England

The new 50 pound note to have George Edwin Ellison

The new 50 pound note to have George Edwin Ellison

To put George Edwin Ellison (the last soldier to die for Great Britain in World War 1) on the new 50 pound note .

Why is this important?

Firstly, I would like to say that this nation owes everything to the service men and women who have given everything in the defence of the nation.
Secondly, if it wasn't for them everything that we know as being British wouldn't have happened without their sacrifice.
George Edwin Ellison of the 5th Lancers was born in Leeds, England and was one day away from being safe and surviving the war alive but it was fate that decided, he would have to give all, for his family, friends, and country men to have peace.
Lastly, this year is 2018 and its almost been 100 years since George Edwin Ellison laid down his life for us to live in peace, but who was he but a man among meny. The last of our finest, who died in the name of prosperity and peace. I believe that by putting George Edwin Ellison on the new 50 pound note is an amazing way for the nation to remember the people who have given us all.

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