To: Birmingham City Council

Villa Road

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Villa Road

We the undersigned residents and businesses of Villa Road in Lozells are calling on Birmingham City Council to carry out overdue roadworks, which include road resurfacing and effective road markings. Also to make the top end of Hunters Road (leading towards Villa Road) safer for pedestrians by putting in place traffic calming measures and take of control of illegal parking.

This part of Lozells is being neglected by Birmingham City Council and requires urgent attention to prevent it becoming destitute to commerce.

Why is this important?

Villa Road and Hunters Road are being used as a dumping ground for illegal fly tippers, and as a race track for speeding vehicles. Pavements are impossible to use because of inconsiderate parking. Anti social behaviour has increased since the part sale of the council owned carpark in 2014. This is having a direct impact on local businesses and people living within.

Villa Road, Handsworth, Birmingham

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  • Rubbish causing rats disgusting


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