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To: Southampton City Council

Change the crossing near Bitterne Station (Southampton) to make it safe for pedestrians & cyclists.

Change the crossing near Bitterne Station (Southampton) to make it safe for pedestrians & cyclists.

Please ensure that the planned Highways England work includes a regular combined pedestrian/cyclist phase over the dangerous junction next to Bitterne Station.

All welcome to join us there on 18th Nov:
(if not on fb, via )

Why is this important?

It takes 7 mins to cross as a pedestrian with the lights, so people take risks running across.
There's no safe cycle route, but it could be much safer with a few dropped kerbs and some paint.
It is monstrous that the proposed Highways England scheme does not take this into account.

We need a regular combined pedestrian/cyclist phase over this dangerous junction. Also, eg:
- pavement alteration for bikes by derelict hairdresser and opposite for bikes.
- crossing point is needed from station across to Athelstan Rd - over just Bitterne Rd West instead of multiple crossings.
- traffic calming needed by the concrete blocks on Bullar Rd, as the crossing is often ignored by vehicles.

Please join us on 18th Nov: (or contact us via )

How it will be delivered

Hopefully to the council soon - we'll rush if Highways England publish their plans (which they are due to soon) - with a press event.

Bitterne Train Station, Southampton SO18 1GG

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Reasons for signing

  • To improve the air quality in Southampton, the city council need to start actually making decisions that favour pedestrians and cyclists over motor vehicles.
  • I have signed this petition to help to improve safety at this junction. I am the owner of Green Garden Child Care and we take regular visits to our local library on route we have to cross this road with around 10 children. Road crossing support here would be a great improvement to our journey.
  • The brutal Bitterne Station crossing has road deaths designed-in. It cuts right through a residential area and is passable only at great risk to life and limb. Utterly inhuman. Urban planning this bad should be a criminal offence.


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