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To: Stop Velo South

We welcome the Velo South

We welcome the Velo South

We, the local residents and participants, want the Stop Velo South group to desist from preventing the event from occurring.

Why is this important?

The safety of 15,000 participants is at risk as well as potential lost income associated from the businesses who have the foresight to make the most of the event.

How it will be delivered

Via Facebook

Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester

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Reasons for signing

  • My holiday lettings are all taken.
  • Why is it in this country, misery is allowed to run wild. Its not even the majority but a very vocal minority who think they should dictate what everyone else can do. We dont need a badger cull in this country, we need a misery cull!
  • In other countries they celebrate sport, celebrate the outdoors, and enjoy the spectacle of grand events that bring communities together. Stop being grumpy, folks!


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