To: Philip Hammond

Do not force the self employed to submit quarterly tax returns!!

Do not force the self employed to submit quarterly tax returns!!

Scrap the plan to move to increase self-employed people returns to 4 times per year.
Retain the yearly submission process.
Ensure that treasury decisions don't suffocate small trading and self employed industry.

Why is this important?

Self employed people generally work over 50 hours a week - many work considerably longer hours. They get no job security or holiday allowance. Their salary is not paid if they are sick and yet they contribute hugely to the nation's wealth.
Many self employed people manage all aspects of their business from the PR, to office admin, to ensuring that they keep up to date with H&S, keeping accounts etc as well as delivering the core nature of their business.
A three monthly submission process of tax return would create an unacceptably huge administrative burden on self employed people.
It would stifle our collective ability to deliver our core business.
It would discourage entrepreneurialism.
In terms of the arts and third sector self-employment - it would add further administrative duress to an already ailing and underfunded landscape.

Reasons for signing

  • I work 7 days a week, and do my own tax return. Quadrupling the unpaid time taken out to do my tax return is a grossly unfair to treat an honest, hard-working contributor to the economy. Go after the big boys! Re-address corporation tax. Leave the little guys alone.
  • Because no one yet has mentioned the extra 3 accountants fees that we'll have to pay too!!!!!
  • This would be so onerous to do; I tend to do this once a year and it takes me about a week ; I expect that it would take me a few days every three months and I really could do without it.


2017-03-18 09:01:45 +0000

This is a statement from a representative of Musicians Union who supports this petition:

"Before Christmas I met with the Equity finance official who was lobbying hard, with our support, to greatly increase the threshold at which the self-employed would be forced to make quarterly tax returns. This week I heard, unofficially, that the threshold is likely to be raised from the current proposal of 8k to 20k. This is still not enough for our liking as it will affect far too many of our members.

Again, unofficially, I understand that HMRC are not going to provide their own software to make this easier, but instead are trying to push this app as a way of smoothing the process."

As the MU rep says - the threshold is still way too low. And it is interesting that the Government assume we are all able to access apps and process information through them easily.

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