To: Virgin care. Health visiting department.

Bring back baby weigh and health worker to Cranbrook Cornerstone Baby and Toddler group

Bring back baby weigh and health worker to Cranbrook Cornerstone Baby and Toddler group

We would like to petition them to return to the community run baby and toddler group on a Thursday morning to support young families and regular baby weighing.

Why is this important?

Cranbrook is a vastly growing town with a huge population of children under 5. In fact we are in the top 5% of the country and to take away a service that has been offered for nearly 5 years at this thriving group is a huge blow.
Our group is inclusive and caters to children of all ages up to preschool and so is much more suibale for parents who have children of various preschool age.
This group supports families old and new and helps people forge friendships in what can sometime be an isolating time in new parents lives, especially if they are new to the area.
Baby weigh and health services were a big lifeline to new parents as they could meet other new mums and dads and often their children will grow up with the group and stay with us until they start preschool.
Now we have lost this vital service, we have lost a lot of babies coming to group which in turn may mean we will not have the toddler's coming along when the babies grow up.
We are aware there is a Tuesday session available but by all accounts this day is not suitable for all and by taking away the Thursday session it will put more pressure on the Tuesday group with waiting times and maybe not being able to seek the advice needed from the health worker in attendance as so many people will want the same.


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Reasons for signing

  • The company who has the contract for community services considers profit before its concern for people. Health visiting is a service which is concerned about the health and welfare of children and parents over the long term and short term. Health visitors provide an invaluable service and suffer cuts from such companies. This is extremely short sighted. Please lobby your local clinical commissioning group and your MP . retired health visitor
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  • Much needed resource for new mums. Not always convenient on a tuesday


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