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To: Plymouth City Council

Disabled access on Plymouth streets

Install drop kerbs on Cunningham road in Plymouth to allow wheelchair and mobility scooter access, as there currently isn't any.

Why is this important?

I have been fighting for nearly 2 years to get drop kerbs installed on Cunningham road in Plymouth, to allow access for wheelchair and mobility scooters. I have mobility issues and rely on a scooter to get around, but with no drop kerbs, i cant leave my house. I have been lied to and treated like I don't matter by the council, and put onto a list for a fund that simply doesn't have enough money to do the work, meaning it will never be done. I have been told by the council that they don't have a budget for disability access issues and the only money available is £4000 in the living streets fund, while the work has been quoted as £5000.
Why don't the council have a budget set aside for disability access issues? The discrimination act was put in place to prevent businesses from discriminating against disabled people yet the council don't have to do anything about it?
I may only be one person asking for them, but not having them means my life is seriously effected as I do not have access to my GP, the hospital, the pain clinic or anywhere else.
It is important that the council listen to what it's constituents need, are taken to account for failing to fulfil their job and are prepared for such occurrences with suitable budgets.


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