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To: The UK Government

Divert £1bn to the NHS from the banks

Divert £1bn to the NHS from the banks

Mark Carney announced a £250 Billion financial package to keep the financial market stable, but our NHS is still in trouble.

We should divert 1 billion to the NHS from the banks.

Why is this important?

We have voted to leave the European Union. Right or wrong, there it is. With the news this morning that Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, will make £250 BILLION POUNDS available for the banks to keep the financial markets of the UK stable, we are all complaining that the promise to divert much needed funds into the NHS was just rhetoric.

Our Nation Health Service is falling apart. If this money is available to aid stability we should use a small amount of it wisely. The NHS is desperate for a cash injection, the banks are not.

This petition is to the British Government, to supply the NHS with much needed cash to stabilise a true British achievement. The banks do not need ALL of the money and with the lies told for the leave campaign, its about time the people who devote their lives to helping others keep their health got a bit of a breather.

Reasons for signing

  • Stop throwing money into the sinkhole that is banker's pockets. Bonuses are on the rise, irresponsible investment from banks is on the rise, they clearly don't give two sh*ts about anyone but themselves. Put this money where it belongs, into the jewel of the English welfare state. The NHS is one of the greatest institutions and sets us apart from countries like the USA where people live in fear of getting sick and being bankrupted by medical expenses. It makes us a better nation.
  • I signed because the NHS continually gives to society, whilst it receives nothing. Meanwhile, banks continue to take from society whilst they give nothing back.
  • In 2008 when the financial crisis hit us, which was caused by the stupidity of the banks wheeling and dealing with sub-prime mortgages and loaning up to 125% of housing loans, it was the tax payers who bailed them out. Now it's time for them to divert some of their billions in profit into the NHS by way of a thank you to the British public!!


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