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To: Trafford Council

Extend Consultation Period for Stretford Masterplan.

Extend Consultation Period for Stretford Masterplan.

We the undersigned DOGS (Development Opportunity Group for Stretford) request that Trafford Council extend the consultation period for the current proposed Master plan until such time that the concerns of the current residents have been answered.

Why is this important?

Some of these concerns are (but not limited to) the haste with which the plan has been launched with seemingly little data, plans or research available to residents to substantiate claims of regeneration.
Furthermore, there has been information emerging throughout the process that has caused alarm such as the design of the scheme, environmental impact, impact upon current residents and loss of public facilities and access to public space.
Whilst we broadly support a vision to regenerate our town centre we cannot support a Masterplan which shows no consideration for incumbent residents and any impacts upon them.
With further information it is entirely possible that we would support this plan - however as such information is not forthcoming we ask you to extend consultation and engage with the community meaningfully and openly.
For further information - on twitter @m32dogs or [email protected] or facebook 'Development Opportunity Group for Stretford '


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Reasons for signing

  • Democracy over back handers


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