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To: Children's Minister Nadhim Zahawi

Special Guardianship Allowance needs Legislation not Guidelines

Special Guardianship Allowance needs Legislation not Guidelines

Legislate special guardianship allowance instead of setting guidelines which are often disregarded by local authorities.

Why is this important?

Special Guardianship holders are often forced to give up their jobs or reduce hours to care for their children due to the children's behavioural difficulties caused by the trauma of their early lives. Currently special guardianship allowance is set by guidelines instead of legislation. This means many families live in poverty as local authorities often pay nothing. Government legislation would ensure special guardianship families are financially supported equally instead of the unfair system we have now, in which many families are given little or nothing. Of those families that are lucky enough to receive something, this is often stopped after a period of two years leaving them in financial difficulties. Special guardianship allowance should be paid until the child reaches adulthood. The cost of keeping a child in care may be as much as £70,000 annually, so surely it is better to support special guardians with a realistic financial package to ensure special guardianship does not break down due to financial stress, thus saving millions in the long run.

Reasons for signing

  • I am a guardian and have been through all this
  • I was a special guardian with no extra financial help. The children I brought up were classed as my own and so I was only entitled to normal benefits for them. I struggled to find money for all our needs working two part time jobs to put enough food on the table, but that in itself caused more problems because it meant I wasn't always available to them when needed. Both children had behavioural difficulties because of their situation. Please support this petition.
  • The reason I have signed this petition is that a child's trauma can last a lifetime, especially if that child's trauma is due to the bereavement of their whole family unit. But not all carers of children suffering trauma are afforded the luxury of guardians allowances, it is simply a lottery as too who gets it and who doesn't often at the whim of local officials who simply haven't a clue about the trauma of the child or the remaining family they are going into.


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