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To: Michael Mansfield QC

Filing a class-action lawsuit against the government

Filing a class-action lawsuit against the government

We're asking you to represent us in court

Why is this important?

Will you help to spread the word? We're filing a massive class-action lawsuit against the British Conservative government over its hugely unpopular, unfair and destructive Austerity plan. We see it as embezzlement of public funds. We need the best lawyer's support, and we believe we CAN WIN THIS.

Please, SHARE THIS MESSAGE WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS via any and every means at your disposal, including but not limited to facebook, twitter, email and word-of-mouth.

My email address is: [email protected]

People can contact Michael Mansfield QCs Chambers directly, to tell him how much they value his support and how popular this cause is already and how it's quickly going to go viral.

We want half a million petitioners, all the people who attended the June 20th march and rally to Parliament.

The High Court, London

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Reasons for signing

  • They are keeping us inprisoned without any scientific proof that the lockdown stops a virus that is not even so deadly for 98% of the population. In my country, Italy, thousands of doctors are treating and healing covid 19 patients at home and with existing drugs. There is not need for a vaccine(fake one). There is no need to keep us hostage in our homes and this country.
  • Because I believe in the many and not the few, that public sector pay should rise to an appropriate level, that taxes should be levied on those who have got off lightly for far too long, and that public services should be fully and adequately supported.
  • To find out the truth about who actually caused the recession because anyone with any brains knows it wasn't Gordon Brown


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10,000 signatures reached

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