To: Local community and businesses

Help prevent conversion of The Bengal Bear restaurant into flats

Help prevent conversion of The Bengal Bear restaurant into flats

Please help prevent change of use to the Bengal bear restaurant in box!

Why is this important?

We are a local village restaurant striving to attract customers to experience our freshly prepared food. As we provide soft drinks, customers use local shops for beverages. As a result this has increased village trade! Our vegetables and poultry are sourced by local suppliers to benefit local businesses.
Our objective is to support our community, as we contribute towards our village events.
We also enjoy accommodating our friends from the local care homes on their days out.

How it will be delivered

We are confident in our local community to help share our petition to friends and family.

SN13 8NJ

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Reasons for signing

  • It's a great restaurant.
  • Would be a great shame to lose this unique and we'll run restaurant for the sake of a few flats.
  • Because we like the Bengal Bear and prefer it to some trendy flats!


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