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Housing is a Human Right.

Housing is a Human Right.

To fund 6 homeless adults through 12 months of the Inspiring Change Manchester supportive living model, Housing First.

Why is this important?

Manchester Activist Network agree and campaign in line with the same principles as Housing First, who stand by the following philosophy:

- Housing as a basic human right
- Respect, warmth and compassion for all clients
- No requirement regarding housing readiness
- Consumer choice and self-determination
- A recovery orientation
- Harm reduction rather than abstinence with regards to substance misuse.
Receiving an intensive case management team

This approach is guided by the belief that people need basic necessities like food and a place to live before attending to do anything less critical, such as getting a job, budgeting properly or attending to substance use issues. The Housing First approach views housing as the foundation for life improvement and enables to permanent housing without prerequisites or conditions beyond those of a typical renter. The traditional supported accommodation, addressing addiction issues and subsequent move-on to long-term accommodation had failed repeatedly.
(Laura's Story)

Housing First, widely replicated in the US, Canada, Europe, has been actively growing interest in developing better housing responses for people with multiple and complex needs.

- provides strong and consistent outcomes for tenancy sustainment of between 70% to 90%
- Potential annual savings ranged between £4,794 and £3,048 per person in support costs
- One study found an average cost savings on emergency services of $31,545 per person housed in a Housing First program over the course of two years.

However, the future of the initiative is struggling due to:

- Very little funding comes from other sectors including social services (4%) criminal justice (2%) and substance misuse (2%)
- By far the biggest barrier to setting up a Housing First project was reported as access to suitable and affordable accommodation in both the social and private rented sectors.

Inspiring Change Manchester ‘now know more than ever of the importance of a tailored support offer; which is the crucial element in supporting men and women who have led complex lives into stable accommodation. Not just ceasing at the point where a tenancy is signed, but continued and wrap-around support has brought the immeasurable benefit of people developing real relationships with peers who in turn link them into what is happening in their locality’ .

Wayne's Story:

“I believe that when you build a life it’s like building a building. You start with the foundations; you don’t start with the roof. I was being offered jobs and training courses, but no housing.” - Wayne, Housing First resident.

As one of the largest landowners in the country, Network Rail, has a portfolio that is shifting the landscape towards gentrification of our inner Cities. M.A.N. believe Network Rail have a corporate responsibility to minimise the negative social ramifications of this change, such as the rise in homelessness in Manchester.

Manchester Activist Network

How it will be delivered

We will be approaching the Mayor and Network Rail in person, releasing a press release and screening a film on the squat and the Manchester Activist Network


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Reasons for signing

  • As a police officer in the grater Manchester area the number of homeless people is ridiculous the amount of people that ignore the housing crisis is stupid as a city of love and peace we should be fighting more for people that are less fortunate than us.
  • Housing is a very basic Human Right
  • I have been working to help feed the guys in the squat for the last six months - they have made it a home and a haven for some incredibly vulnerable young people and have taken good care of the building - Evicting them will leave it empty and useless - letting them stay will see it used to help and provide a safe shelter for our city's homeless. x


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