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To: Phillip Hammond

Implement new Stamp Duty exemptions fairly

Apply a sensible implementation plan for exemption of Stamp Duty for first time buyers.

The arbitrary date of implementation to coincide with the Budget 2017 announcement, without any warning, has caught out many first time buyers who have just paid billions to HMRC in the past six months. Some may have completed on home purchases and unnecessarily paid thousands of pounds to HMRC just yesterday.

We would like Phillip Hammond to apply a sensible, fair implementation plan for the policy. Recent first-time buyers should be offered some protection under this policy and be offered at least proportion of the Stamp Duty that they have paid back.

Why is this important?

First-time buyers could have saved thousands of pounds each had they have had some prior warning about this policy.

There should be support for young people, families, and first time buyers who are trying to responsibly manage their finances and who have been recently stung by Stamp Duty.


2017-11-22 17:38:14 +0000

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