To: Wakefield Metropolitan District Council

Install Pedestrian Guard Railings at Northgate/Leeds Road Pedestrian Crossing, Wakefield

Install Pedestrian Guard Railings at Northgate/Leeds Road Pedestrian Crossing, Wakefield

The families and pupils of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, together with other local schools, nurseries and concerned neighbours, are requesting that Wakefield MD Council install guard railings on both sides of the road at the pedestrian crossing around 158, Northgate, Leeds Road. The specific sections of pavement that need railings are between Blenheim Road and Westfield Road; and between St.John's North and Andrew Street.

Why is this important?

Please sign this petition to safeguard the young children that use this crossing and to prevent near-misses turning into a tragedy. Railings will prevent cars and buses from mounting the pavement, and children stepping into traffic.

1. This is a very busy, main trunk route through the city of Wakefield, heading south into the city centre, and north to the M1 and M62. At rush hour, the three-lane main road is used by cars, buses and HGV's, travelling at speed.
2. The pavements on either side of the road are not wide; the curb directly outside Centenary House is low and buses using the bus lane travel past very close to the pedestrians.
3. This section of road is used by very young children during the busy school runs, as it is directly outside Centenary House which provides for children aged 4 - 7. This crossing is also regularly used by large numbers of girls from the Wakefield Girls' High School, as their playing fields are situated at the end of Blenheim Road.
Children of various ages at the other schools in the QEGS foundation and other local schools, such as St.Johns CE Junior and Infant School, all use this crossing.
4. This crossing and the roads in this area will become even busier with the new Redrow housing development that has been granted outline planning permission, on the site of the old Bishopgarth Police Training Centre.
5. I understand the School has requested railings in the past, but no response has been forthcoming from the Council.
6. On 19 July 2017, I approached the council requesting consideration be given to installing railings, and if this was rejected, what was the risk assessment that had informed that rejection. I was given a reference number: RS-002855. I have, in the intervening months, chased this issue numerous times, but have been unable to get a response.
7. I have written to the relevant councillors, and the deputy Mayor, to progress this matter. I am awaiting their response.
8. With the support of Mrs Gray, Head of QEGS Junior School, the time has come to press for a response to this issue from the council.
The current non-response from the council is unacceptable.
9. If funding is the issue, consideration can be given to fundraising to safeguard the children using the local schools now, and in the future.


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Reasons for signing

  • All of the reasons listed above. The impact of having no railings could not have been better illustrated than by the accident in Huddersfield yesterday when a car mounted the pavement and demolished a bus shelter seriously injuring those inside
  • Our children are the future, and it's very important they feel safe.
  • Is this the only school in the district not to have barriers at the crossing? Many children heading to St Johns junior school also use the crossing and people working in the area. Wake up Wakefield Council!


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