To: Stroud District Council

Keep Our SUBS* Public! [* Stroud's Subscription Rooms]

Keep Our SUBS* Public!              [* Stroud's Subscription Rooms]

We, the undersigned, object to the privatisation of the unique community asset that is Stroud Subscription Rooms (the ‘Subs’) and its forecourt. We call upon Stroud District Council to keep our Subs in public, accountable ownership, and not to sell them off irreversibly to the private sector.

Please consult the people of Stroud fully and meaningfully about the future of our Subs. Please keep our Subs as a community-run and administered venue that both promotes local arts culture and addresses austerity’s most destructive local impacts.

Why is this important?

The Subs should be used by, and become an empowering hub for, ALL socio-economic groups, including vulnerable groups, community groups, the elderly and the young. The Subs can and should become a genuine community resource/space, showcasing a creative and caring community coming together to consolidate and extend what is rightfully ours, and to make available what should be accessible for all.

In conversations on our High Street, it is clear how passionately Stroudies feel about this issue. Many are uncomprehending, and some even horrified, that Stroud, of all places, should be contemplating transferring this much-loved community gem into the private sector.

With the active support of Stroud Town Council, the Stroud Trust has lodged an alternative bid, which would keep the centre run by, and open to, the whole community. Let's see all interested bidders and parties - including most importantly the District Council, Town Council and Ecotricity - come together with good faith and open mind to find a solution for the Subs' future that can serve and satisfy everyone's needs and aspirations.

If enough of us sign this petition, we can show Stroud District Council that the people of Stroud want the centre to be publicly owned by the community, as it has been historically, and to stay open full-time for the people of Stroud and its environs.

Stroud District

Reasons for signing

  • The subs is for stroud not ecotricity
  • We have a duty to be good stewards of the Sub rooms, for future generations.
  • Handing a landmark property over to the private sector is simply not desirable. Handing it over to someone with no understanding or experience of venue management is totally irresponsible.


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