To: Birmingham City Council / Transport for West Midlands / Andy Street

'Mini Hollands' For Birmingham!

'Mini Hollands' For Birmingham!

We want Birmingham to be the first city outside of London to adopt 'Mini Holland' design principles and start creating neighbourhoods where people can walk and cycle safely!

Why is this important?

We want to:
- Reduce the dominance of motor cars on residential streets.
- Prevent rat running and 'through traffic' on residential streets.
- Create safe and quiet residential streets where children can play or walk and cycle to school.
- Give people living in Birmingham real alternatives to the car.

People need safe and convenient alternatives to the private motor car. In Birmingham we have an obesity crisis as well as many people who cannot afford or struggle to afford runnning a car. Pollution is also a major issue in our cities and the government will be fined if they do not start tackling this head on!!