To: London Borough of Richmond upon Thames Council

No Tesco at Whitton/London Road Twickenham

No Tesco at Whitton/London Road Twickenham

Call on LBRUTC to request that planning permission be refused again for yet another Tesco, this time on the corner of London & Whitton Road, Twickenham, to allow independent shops to move in and support local businesses.

Why is this important?

Twickenham High Street has a high turnover of shops, and the dreaded 'Twickenham Refurbishment' sees many small independent shops constantly close down. Another Tesco is not required on the parade killing the few small independent shops that are already established at that end of the high street.

What is needed in Twickenham is variety of shops to bring a higher social impact to the community and more people to the high street.

This is not a good location for a Tesco which will have an adverse affect on traffic and noise for local residential neighbours. Numerous alternatives exist that would better serve the local community and strengthen its economy in these tough financial times. There are already 5 other Tesco's within a short distance of the proposed location.

When the planning application is received, planning officers must notify the public or neighbours, and consult with other council departments and any other affected people or organisations. The statutory consultation period is three weeks. I will post the link here when the application has been added to the online planning portal.

If there are issues of concern, the planning department will instigate a review meeting within six weeks of registration of the application and identify amendments that could address any issue or problems.


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Reasons for signing

  • Tesco seem to be taking over the area at the expense of local businesses. This particular site is unsuitable, not only due to the already busy road and lack of parking, but also the potential chaos their huge delivery lorries would cause for residents living nearby.
  • Absolutely no parking and we don't need another supermarket in Twickenham, certainly not a Tesco!
  • It would be the lazy option to allow Tesco 'v' really trying to create a community of local businesses. Twickenham already lacks the personality of Richmond, Barnes, St Margaret and other local areas, this would just add to that problem.


2017-11-13 14:42:28 +0000

Tesco’s planning application has now gone live. Please take a moment to add your comments and objections here:
Thank you for your help and support.

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