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To: Chichester District Council Planning Committee

Overturn the refusal for a Health Complex in Selsey

Grant planning permission for a change of use from office use to a Health Complex in Selsey.
This will include:
Private Gymnasium with Personal Trainers.
Vegan Health Cafe.
Treatment rooms for Physiotherapy and Sport Massage.
Beauty salon with 4 treatment rooms and pedicure and nail bars.

Why is this important?

There is a 750 square meter building in Selsey which has no hope of being rented as office space but there is a public demand for a Health Complex. Chichester District Council in their wisdom thought it correct to force this building to remain empty and marketed for 18 months to see if a large company wanted to move into Selsey and rent it as office space..
Business are moving out of Selsey, not in. Just 8 months ago this was a brown field with zero employment. If Kevin Byrne wasn’t prepared to invest the money it would still be a brown unused field. Today it has the potential of providing jobs and a considerable asset to Selsey.

CDC said NO to this Health Complex despite:

• other land designated for office space in Selsey remains undeveloped and buildings vacant
• communication from Flude Commercial saying it’s very unlikely we’ll find a tenant for office space
• letters from the largest employers in Selsey saying they don’t want the building as office space
• £1.7m being invested into Selsey on this project
• two of the largest employers in Selsey saying they wanted to use the gym for their staff
• survey via Facebook in Selsey where 236 people said they wanted this complex
• 35 registering support of this c
Health Complex on the CDC planning website
• this Health Complex not being in competition with any other of this type in Selsey
• CDC’s very own Economic Development Services stating the Complex would bring employment and help other local business keep their staff
• having more than enough parking to service the complex
• having a local gym company already wanting this space and run a gym
• having a local beauty company wanting this space and run a company
• the poor economics in Selsey and the desperate need for more jobs
• the fact we would have employed people straight away
• CDC councillor John Connor issuing a Red Card to fight for the approval.

CDC refused this change of use on the grounds that office space would generate more than a Health Complex.

Please help us force CDC to change there mind and allow this change of use to a Health Complex.

Selsey Bill, Selsey, Chichester

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