To: The Cabinet Secretary for Education

Penglais Sixth Form Lesson Cuts

Penglais Sixth Form Lesson Cuts

We have had lessons cut down from 9 sessions per lesson over the course of two weeks to 7. We would like at least 8 sessions per lesson to be reinstated and funded for but 9 would be better, as it will give pupils a better and more fairer chance at getting good results when exams occur.

Why is this important?

Most other schools have 9 sessions per lesson over the course of two weeks, and some have 8, but Penglais only have 7 due to funding. It is important to have at 9 or at least 8 over two weeks as when it comes to exams we will be less prepared than other schools in Wales, and if they score higher marks in the exams, overall we will fall below and not get the results we deserve. The study sessions that have been used as a replacement do not offer the support of the classes to help towards exams

Penglais School, Aberystwyth

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