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To: Gavin Williamson ( Head of Defence)

Privatization of the Ministry of Defence Guard Service (MGS)

Privatization of the Ministry of Defence Guard Service (MGS)

Stop the commercialisation of the MOD Guard Service.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) are seeking to propose the commercialisation of the MGS, under their banner of Value for Money. The MOD believe that there could be a saving of approximately £17m over 5 years, we do not believe such savings could be achieved. The MGS were formed in 1992 by the government who believed that private security at some MOD establishments were not properly trained, motivated or of a sufficient professional standard to guard such important MOD establishments and their employees.

There are over 2000 MGS Officers guarding over 100 MOD sites across the UK and they are all civil servants. They are of a gold standard, highly trained, motivated and loyal employees. The scenario could be that you could have an MGS Officer guarding an nuclear site on a Monday and replaced by a commercial guard that was guarding a supermarket the day before. This cannot be good for the security of all these military sites, their soldiers and families and civilians also employed there.

We have all seen the disaster G4S made over the years we cant have these mistakes on MOD sites.

Why is this important?

For the protection of MOD staff who work on the sites and visitors. Most importantly for the protection of this country

Reasons for signing

  • Don't need threats to MOD bases like this ! Its risky times keep the MGS !!!
  • So the bloody country doesn't blow up due to rubbish private security
  • Needs to be done g4s needs to go


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