To: New Forest District Council

Speak up for Fordingbridge's natural, recreational resources!

Speak up for Fordingbridge's natural, recreational resources!

To retain a highly valued and visited/used local green space in Fordingbridge (strategic site 17, West of Whitsbury Road, East of Marl Lane, Northish of Sharpley Close/Avon Meade/Pealsham Gardens/Allan Water Drive etc., up to Puddleslosh Lane), which is seriously threatend under the proposed plans in the NFDC's recent publication of the Local Plan Part 1: Planning Strategy - proposed submission document -

We, the residents of Fordingbridge, understand the need for more housing, but please also consider our existing needs and desires.

It is hoped this petition will demonstrate just how important this local, natural, wild resource is to the Fordingbridge local residents and visitors to the area.

We would ask that the NFDC will take this in to account when considering the suitability of the current Local Plan e.g. the number of propsed houses (initially I think 380 in total, now 475 seem to be proposed in total) and in particular the proposed routes for the main access roads, which will needlessly destroy part of the landscape that could easily be preserved for all to enjoy.

A change to the access routes and number of building plots within the area would effectively safeguard much of the landscape, whilst still providing a reasonable amount of new housing.

Why is this important?

To promote/maintain the mental and physical health and wellbeing of local residents and visitors;

To retain the rural nature of this town and its views of importance;

To safeguard the tranquility of this particular area for existing and future residents;

To protect the wonderful natural landcapes and rich biodiversity of this area;

To continue to provide wild open spaces, where local children and adolescents can experience and connect with nature (which is also linked with improved childhood mental health and wellbeing, similarly to adults);

For the District Council to take the lead and set new nationwide standards, by truly putting biodiveristy and health & wellbeing, at the heart of their local planning decisions.

Can I please suggest that everyone read the plan, spread the word and also make their own individual representations via the official response form on NFDC website: it to:

Or post it to:
Policy and Plans Team,
New Forest District Council,
Appletree Court,
Beaulieu Road,
SO43 7PA.

By 12/08/2018.

This area is used widely by a lot of residents, who may not live directly by the proposed sites and therefore may not have received correspondence from the NFDC about the please spread the word far and wide so.we can send a united response to the NFDC that calls for some reasonable changes to the proposed Local Plan!

Fordingbridge, Hampshire

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Reasons for signing

  • A valuable and highly diverse area of semi-natural neutral grassland in short supply in this part of the world. Any development, including an access road, would ruin this are and destroy the habitat.
  • It’s important to keep these areas for for future generations to enjoy and help protect the wildlife
  • Fordingbridge is a small town with no room for development. We have enough strain on schools and the doctors surgery, no to mention that our green spaces are beautiful, not spaces to be taken up by housing.


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