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To: UK government, Kent MPs, Kent County Council

Protect Kent Communities from border checks + traffic chaos in 2019 /2020

Protect Kent Communities from border checks + traffic chaos in 2019 /2020

UK government please agree a 'no-tariff deal' with EU27, and provide decisions and funding for Border Force to prepare for 2019, KCC please hold public consultations in all Kent wards on traffic infrastructure needed,

Why is this important?

Evidence (from Institute for Government, British Ports Association, Ports of Dover and Calais, Eurotunnel, Freight Trade Association, Imperial College) shows that M20 and M2 and surrounding roads are likely to become slow traffic jams, if, a) the UK government takes us out of the Customs Union and the Single market, b) we don’t get a ‘no-tariff deal’, and consequently, DOVER and KENT are badly affected by the new border checks that follow. New 2018 evidence is even clearer of how unprepared we are.
However we each voted in 2016, we cannot allow our journeys to work, school or health care appointments to be subject to gridlock, that will also affect emergency vehicles and tourists across the channel wanting to visit White Cliffs Country. Delays in the delivery of perishable food could cause ‘stockouts’ in supermarkets, a lack of pickers means crops are being wasted. As a result, food prices will rise, making life yet harsher for the most deprived. Computerised checks don't exist and to introduce them could take 5 years or more. The road infrastructure in East Kent needs to be extensively up-dated, in a SUSTAINABLE manner, if it is to cope. Contraflow is not a solution.
We call on the UK government, to agree a ‘no-tariff deal’, to provide decisions and funding for Border Force to prepare adequately for change. We call on Kent County Council, to hold public consultations before February 2019, about the infrastructure needed. We call on all Kent MPs to vote this summer for a ‘no-tariff deal’ that will start to reduce the Kent traffic chaos we are told to expect.

Reasons for signing

  • The danger of these lorries parked wherever they can free of charge. The accidents,the I’m bigger than you so I’m pulling out anyway. The drink driving, The impact on our roads,


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