To: UK Parliment

Protection for Autistic citizens against bullying and prejudice

Protection for Autistic citizens against bullying and prejudice

I am coming forward as a citizen of the united kingdom having suffered abuse and ridicule throughout my entire life, and I have had enough, I request that bullying an autistic person be classed as a hate crime and the swiftest judgement upon those who commit these atrocities

Why is this important?

autistic people are a huge contribution to our society, in many ways they are superior to so-called normal people and they deserve our respect. Many of our brightest minds and our greatest achievers are autistic and autistic people need to be protected

Reasons for signing

  • No one should live their life in fear of ridicule
  • I want to promote tolerance and understanding within our society
  • We must all be courageous and protect the most vulnerable in our society against gutless cowardly bullies who prey on the innocent to satisfy/boost their own inferiority.


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