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To: Hackney Council

No Poll Tax 2-Provide full Council Tax Support to the Poorest People in Hackney

We call on Hackney Council to:

1. Replace the current regressive Council Tax Reduction Scheme with a fully funded Council Tax Benefit Scheme, providing 100% Council Tax support for eligible working age residents, taking the poorest people in the borough out of Council Tax altogether.

2. Immediately stop the use of bailiffs on Council Tax Support recipients as a matter of principle.

Why is this important?

In April 2018 changes made to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme by Hackney Council came into effect which increased the amount of Council Tax payable by eligible residents regardless of their income or circumstances. This increase is asking the poorest people in Hackney to pay for the increasing cost of the scheme which is plainly unfair and unnecessary when those eligible for support are already struggling to pay.

The Council Tax Reduction Scheme in Hackney amounts to a new Poll Tax, forcing the poorest people in the borough to make contributions to Council Tax that they cannot afford.

In addition to increasing Council Tax for the poorest and most vulnerable residents in Hackney, Hackney Council continues to pursue claimants of Council Tax support with bailiffs when they are unable to pay, causing much distress and driving them further into debt.

With steep central government cuts to local government, Hackney Council undoubtedly has tough choices to make, but it does have choices. Neighbouring Tower Hamlets currently provide 100% Council Tax Support to eligible working age residents and we believe that Hackney Council has an obligation to do the same.

Hackney, London

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