To: Bank of England

£20 should not be made from palm oil

£20 should not be made from palm oil

To find a sustainable, and suitable alternative to tallow and palm oil in bank notes. It is not acceptable to replace one controversial product for another. Palm oil is linked to many problems including deforestation, animal endangerment and climate change.

Why is this important?

The use of palm oil in products is causing serious environmental harm across the planet. It is linked to major deforestation in many countries, causing widespread loss of habitats, including the rainforest habitat. In fact, 27 million hectares of the earth's surface has been used for the cultivation of palm oil. It is now widely used in a range of products, and is currently in up to half of products sold in supermarkets.
Flying over countries where palm oil production is concentrated is shocking. Seeing huge scars across landscapes which should be covered in rainforest is unacceptable when there are suitable alternatives.
Allowing palm oil to be the substitute for tallow is not acceptable. This must be stopped. This is not the right substitute. It is unnecessary to add another demand and reason to increase palm oil production.

United Kingdom

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  • Disgusting that palm oil to be used in bank notes. The cost to the environment and wildlife is beyond belief all for mans' profiteering


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