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To: London Borough of Haringey Council

Remove Pinkham Way nature conservation site from the North London Waste Plan

Remove Pinkham Way nature conservation site from the North London Waste Plan

"I urge Haringey's Cabinet, at its meeting on November 13th 2018, to follow the recommendation from the Council's Regulatory Committee on October 18th 2018 to remove the Pinkham Way site from the draft Regulation 19 North London Waste Plan."

Why is this important?

There is no justification or evidence for including this nature conservation site in the new North London Waste Plan. Haringey's own Regulatory Committee has recommended that it be removed.

PLEASE NOTE: This issue will now be considered at the Haringey Cabinet Meeting on 22 January 2019, and not the one in November mentioned above. The point of the petition remains exactly the same, and it will now remain open for signing until just before the new date in January.

Pinkham Way, London

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Reasons for signing

  • Living in a city we are burdened enough by pollution. We are all aware of the fragility of our planet earth and the threats that future generations will have to face. From now on destroying nature for whatever reason is no longer an option nor moving the waste somewhere else and destroying another nature reserve. Now is the time to spend our resources on finding the most efficient way with the least greenhouse effects, to dispose of our waste rather than the easiest and cheapest way.
  • This nature conservation site is really important locally and nationally, as such sites are rare and very precious. Furthermore, a large waste depot so close to schools, homes and town would be a disaster in terms of pollution as it would add countless trucks to roads already struggling with traffic. Such depots are now built way out of town in other countries.
  • Wild sites in N London are increasingly rare and precious. Preserve this one


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