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To take a much more proactive stance on cleaning up our beaches not only in the UK but worldwide this is our world and home and the only one we have so please sign my petition. THANK YOU!

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I have visited Turtle beaches in Northern and Southern Cyprus, and many other countries around the world. I have been very upset in finding rubbish of all sorts floating in the sea. Some of these are dangerously small particles such as broken down plastic, and bottle tops and other types of plastic which break into tiny pieces and get into the eco - system and into the stomachs of marine life around the world, and cause great pain, distress and even death. This is becoming very serious as the particles are so small they are now found in the stomachs of plackton pretty well the smallest form of life in our seas, and is a staple diet of many marine animals including whales. In the long term this will do untold damage not only to the marine life, but it will also get into our food chain with unknown consequences. Turtles are beautiful creatures and live all of their lives out at sea from the moment they hatch. Only one in a thousand will survive out in the oceans, and one of the things that will kill them on a regular basis are plastic bags. They feed on jelly fish, as part of their diet, and when they see a plastic bag they think it's a jellyfish and will eat it with diar and very sad consequences. The sea is the most wonderful enviroment for all of us. Not only providing us with fish to eat, but the most wonderful holidays with swimming, surfing, scenery, sailing, sandy beaches, rock pools the list is endless. Not only that, it helps to control the temperature of our world, and yet we treat it with distain. There is so much pollution and rubbish tipped into the oceas everyday, that more and more marine life is being affected. One of the main culprits is body scrubs and toothpastes. They contain thousands of small plastic beads which find their way into the sea, and then consumed by marine life. So to help please DO NOT buy these products unless the ingredients are peach kernels or sugar instead.
More needs to be done in using plastic bags for fruit and vegetables at the supermarkets. It's been a start to pay for plastic carrier bags, but these small plastic bags in the fruit and veg area, are just as dangerous in our countryside and oceans, please encourage the supermarkets to use brown paper bags, which are far better and don't make the fruit and veg sweat, and are recyclable.
The government is banning some products but not all, and a great more needs to be done, as there are more products out there which use plastic including cleaning products. If you love our planet, and everything about nature, then PLEASE sign my petition so we can help our beautiful oceans and everything that depends on it to live, including us, and our grandchildren to come. A BIG and heartfelt THANK YOU.

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  • Because we owe it to ourselves and the wildlife around the planet. We have so much enjoyment from our beaches and sea, but all we seem to do is destroy it and the wildlife within. If we don't do something NOW it will be too late. We are becoming so greedy and a lot of the damage is out of site under the water, where a lot of damage to the fish etc is happening.


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