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To: Prime Minister Theresa May

Sack Esther McVey

Sack Esther McVey from recently appointed post as the Department of Work and Pensions secretary.

Why is this important?

As Employment Minister Esther McVey seemed to take great delight when introducing new guidelines which lead to benefit sanctions such as when a claimant does not accept ‘zero hour contracts’ the DWP has the right to impose benefit sanctions Desperately needed benefits have being axed because a claimant is minutes late for an appointment or other spurious reasons such as recieving Job centre appointment letters on or after the day of appointment.

I've been contacted by 38 Degrees due to lots of people making unacceptable comments they've had to turn off the comment function. We have strength in numbers and the FACTS of McVey's voting record and actions are enough to comment on here.

Please do not swear, make threats or cruel comments, we are all very very upset- heck I'm so upset I started this petition! Yes I'm angry, Obviously I can't take responsibility for other people's actions, but I certainly don't condone negative behavior, written or otherwise.
I'm disabled myself, this petition was meant to give people hope, a visual representation of numbers of support for those of us who've woken to this frightening news today.

We can fight this together, united disabled and non disabled, claimants or those in work, all together.
Be the better person and don't put yourself at risk by writing unacceptable comments online over this Minister, she's not worth it.

Let's DO this! Strength in Unity!


In 2014 McVey was voted "Scrooge of the year" by her own constituency's TUC.

Benefit sanctions are one of the main reasons that over a million families have been forced to rely on foodbanks in 2014.
Source :
“Ms McVey however claimed earlier this year that ‘only 60,000 people were likely to use foodbanks’.”

UK foodbank use continues to rise with over one million* three-day emergency food supplies given to people in crisis in 2016/17.
*Trussell Trust website

Over 120,000* people have died due to benefit cuts and sanctions.
*Source for figures:

In 2015 McVey was confronted by a grieving relative of one victim, David Clapson, saying through her tears "a diabetic can not wait two weeks!" Read more here :
"..Once again Esther McVey has shown a stunning disregard for the mountain of evidence provided during this inquiry from individuals, academics and organisations who have seen first-hand, or worse experienced, the effect of this government’s inhumane approach to sanctioning, especially against vulnerable people..."

We believe that Esther McVey does not have, not ever has had, the best interests of the most vulnerable people in our society at heart and is not suited to the role, we believe that she failed us in her role as Employment Minister and that hundreds of thousands of people who are barely coping, desperate for support will not now be supported according to their individual needs while ever McVey of in charge of the department of work and pensions.

She dismisses benefits deaths, and scoffs at causes and effects sanctions on food bank usage and increase of food banks. See above links for some of the plethora of evidence.

Her record speaks for itself.

•Consistently voted for reducing housing benefit for tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms AKA the bedroom tax.

•Consistently voted against raising welfare benefits at least in line with prices

•Consistently voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods of time for those unable to work due to illness or disability

•consistently voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits

Sack Esther McVey. Today.

How it will be delivered

By Email and by post.


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Thank you everyone please keep sharing. 1000 signatures an hour roughly since this was first posted. People are hugely offended and upset at the appointment of this Minister to this position. You have already done so much good. Many messages recieved today, one woman told me that she'd felt suicidal at the news today, but then the support on this petition was a ray of hope and has helped her to hold on. On her behalf, thank you all so very much for uniting over this issue.

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Esther McVey voting record on Welfare issues:

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9:26am January 9th 2018. This petition has just gone LIVE, please share and do so with the names of those we've lost to benefit cuts and sanctions emblazoned on your heart.
May they Rest In Power.