To: Glasgow City Council

Safe School Crossing for Haghill Park Primary

Safe School Crossing for Haghill Park Primary

Haghill Park Parent Council are very concerned about the safety of the our children and community that use the pedestrian crossing outside the school on Cumbernauld Road.
Our main concerns-
The volume and speed of traffic using this road at peak times.
The phasing of the lights does not allow children to cross safely, there already has been a serious accident.
Drivers do not always seem to heed the red lights and stay out of the bus lane.
Our goals-
Change in phasing of lights to ensure safe crossing.
Erection of 20 plenty lighting and warnings at peak times.
To make a safe crossing for our Children.

Why is this important?

We as a community need to stand together to make this change for our children and the community. Please sign up and have your say, we need your backing!!!

Haghill Park Primary School, Cumbernauld Road, Glasgow

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