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To: Councillor David Alexander, Councillor David Ross

Safeguard music in Fife schools

Safeguard music in Fife schools
This petition asks the co-leaders of Fife Council, Councillors David Alexander and David Ross, to reject the destructive proposal to cut all music instrumental tuition in Fife schools and safeguard music for all our children, now and in the future.

Why is this important?

Fife's Education Service is proposing to cut all instrumental tuition in schools except for those pupils taking SQA Music. This will decimate music for Fife's children and young people. Learning any instrument will become an exclusive activity, reserved for those who can find a private teacher. Only these pupils will have the option of taking SQA Music at high school. Pursuing further study in music, at school or college, will be closed off to children whose parents cannot afford years of private tuition. Starved of upcoming players, school and youth orchestras and bands will struggle to survive and become increasingly elitest.

Fife, Scotland

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Reasons for signing

  • I myselfgot so much out of learning an instrument at school then went on and done the fife school orchestra for 4 years, made friends I wouldn’t of met if it wasn’t for that. Then went on the bring that into my current job as well. So many benefits from it. Stupid to cut it out.
  • Youth music is very important to me. Having been the beneficiary of school music tuition, it would be immoral of me not to stand up for young people to get the same, or better, opportunities that I had.
  • Music is so important and should be made available to all children. It creates a whole person when given the opportunity.


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