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To: Oxfordshire County Council

Save Bicester's Health and Wellbeing Centre

Save Bicester's Health and Wellbeing Centre

We want the county council to keep Bicester's Health and Wellbeing Centre open. This centre is an important resource for many families in Bicester and the surrounding villages and is vital for the older population of the area.

Why is this important?

An open letter from an 87-year-old lady who uses the centre:

Dear people of Bicester,
I've lived in Bicester for 50 years. My husband passed away 15 yrs ago. I have no family left and my mobility is not what it used to be. I attend the Bicester Health and wellbeing centre located near the garth park two days a week. This place is my only lifeline. I get to see friends and I get looked after so well that I really don't know where I would be without the place.
Oxfordshire County Council are proposing to close this centre and others throughout Oxfordshire!
What will I do?
I will be stuck looking at four walls every day with no human contact.
Who will prepare me a cooked meal, help me with my medications and just check my general health. I'm so upset that this is happening. I won't see my friends again. I will be all alone all day every day. Me and my husband have worked hard all our lives, paid our taxes and this is how vulnerable people are being treated.
You are all younger and we need you to fight for us as no one will otherwise. Please think of your elderly relatives and think what would they do if they didn't have you? I don't like being alone and it scares me to think this is now my future, being alone and vulnerable. Please help us in this fight to save the Bicester Wellbeing Health and Wellbeing centre. You or your relatives might need them one day!


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Reasons for signing

  • For my dad who relies on the centre
  • The most important parts of our community are places like this.
  • My nephew, Stuart, goes to this wonderful place and it's the highlight of his week.


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Thank you to Carla and Tegan for allowing me to share the lovely drawing for this petition.