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To: Cornwall Council

Save Carn Brea from development

Save Carn Brea from development

We wish to prevent the development of a BMX track on one of the few remaining publicly accessible green spaces at the foot of Carn Brea.

Why is this important?

Carn Brea is a culturally important land mark for the County and the field in question is one of the few remaining publicly accessible green spaces in the area.

Carn Brea is home to a host of wildlife and plant species, with a rich mining history, and the top of the hill above the field is the location of one of the oldest villages in Europe, dated back to 3800 BC.

The proposed development would restrict access to the field, prevent walkers, dog walkers, horse riders and paraglider/hanglider pilots the use of the meadow we currently all have access to, as is defined as ‘Access Land” under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.
This piece of land also has the following designations (shown on Cornwall Council’s interactive mapping service):

•County Wildlife Area
•World Heritage Site
•Natural Green Space in Cornwall Council’s own strategic plan for the area
•Area of Great Landscape Value

In order to clarify one common misunderstanding of this site, it is not shown as a “Brownfield site” on Cornwall Council’s own interactive mapping system.

Feel free to browse the interactive mapping system. Selecting features on the layers tab will show the designations the land has been given.

We are fully supportive of the idea of a BMX track for Cornwall but propose that Cornwall Council refuse planning permission for this site and encourage the developers, Cornwall BMX, to seek an alternative, more appropriate location in the local area.

Thank you for taking the time to help safeguard this land for your own access and for future generations.

How it will be delivered

Preferably go online to the Cornwall Council Planning application to submit your full views for consideration of the planning panel.

The Council servers have been intermittently off line at least since 16/07/18. If the site is still down please complete this petition. When necessary we will submit the petition to Cornwall Council.


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Reasons for signing

  • When there are brownfield sites that can be used why destroy this beautiful and wild land?
  • This land is full of wildlife that should be protected and conserved by Cornwall Wildlife trust, this year I have had visits from damselfly, dragonfly, grass hoppers, peacock & many redadmirals butterflies, I live nearby and I am sure the wild scrub, gorse and heather's are a lifeline for these insects. You have taken enough land with no investment in infrastructure and services. It's impossible to get a doctor's appointment anywhere, since you shut some doctors down, the answer is no.
  • karen granville


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Dear Friends,

Thank you for signing the petition Save Carn Brea from development.

The preferable means to make your views count is to log on to the Cornwall Council Planning page for this application.

At present on the Cornwall Council webpage there is approximately 2:1 in favour of this application, and the proposers are pulling in some big guns.

If it is not too much to ask, I would appreciate if you login on the above link and express your views.

The website is difficult to log into, but please percevere, your view’s will make a difference to help keep this green space available to all, not just the select few.

The planning committee meeting is tomorrow, Thursday 26th of July, it would be good to demonstrate the scale and scope of objections.

Many thanks for your support.

Jay Opie

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