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To: Cllr Miles Parkinson - Leader Hyndburn Borough Council


We treasure Huncoat's exceptional and valuable wildlife habitat - The Former Huncoat Colliery Site - and ask that it be protected from housing development. We call on Miles Parkinson as leader of Hyndburn Council to arrange for a Special Full Council Meeting to debate this important issue and that he invites experts and local people to contribute to this Special Full Council Meeting. (Photos - Hyndburn Butterfly Project)

Why is this important?

Huncoat Colliery is one of the best places in Hyndburn to see butterflies, wildflowers and other wildlife. Since the Colliery stopped operating in the 1960s, the land has been reclaimed by nature and is now a haven for wildlife. Although classed as brownfield land, Huncoat Colliery is more like a nature reserve.

21 butterfly species are present at Huncoat Colliery, 13 of which are in decline, including 2 species classed as a priority in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (Small Heath and White-letter Hairstreak). Butterflies are attracted to Huncoat Colliery by large areas of wildflowers, including stunning patches of wild orchids.

Huncoat Colliery is an accessible site which gives local people easy access to nature, as well as providing educational interest.

Sadly, Huncoat Colliery has been earmarked for housing development. This could be terrible news for local biodiversity, as we stand to lose an area rich in wildlife at a time when it’s more important than ever to protect the precious habitat we have left.

This site has the potential to be a destination and a contribution to tourism in the Borough.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver this petition to the leader of Hyndburn Council in person and stage a press conference

BB5 6NQ Former Huncoat Colliery Site

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