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To: Hounslow Council

Save Our Vital Mental Health Lifeline!

Save Our Vital Mental Health Lifeline!

Re-consider their decision to close No.10 School Road without any continuation of this vital mental health service elsewhere in the borough.

Why is this important?

Because for more than 520 people, it's a life-saving, life-affirming space where they aren't judged and they can feel safe and supported. We desperately need a continuation of the service No.10 provides. Demolition of No.10 doesn't begin until January 2017, which will mean that currently the building will be left empty for four months from September 1st.


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Reasons for signing

  • Places like Number Ten are vital - we are people not medical cases.
  • Our society and local communities need critical services like this. We must support our vulnerable citizens, friends and neighbours
  • The differences made to peoples lives is unmeasurable! There is not enough support for those suffering with mental health issues as it is without closing down this project!


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