To: Glasgow City Council

Save Our Sheltered Housing Wardens

Save Our Sheltered Housing Wardens

Please scrap the cuts to the Housing Support Budget for Older People.

Why is this important?

Glasgow City Council has announced that it is cutting all funding to the Housing Support Budget. This means that our vulnerable elderly residents of Glasgow will be without the vital warden support which they currently receive. The warden is a life line for people who have very little or no family and support, enabling them to live not only as independent a life as they possibly can, but simply to live! Without this support, many people would sit lonely for days, weeks or months with absolutely no contact. Our elderly residents will end up completely neglected as GP's do not routinely check on their older patients and are stretched to the limits themselves. Imagine sitting all alone, no one bothering with you or even knowing you exist. Just think how frightened you would feel if this was you, just waiting to die because no one cares. How dare the Council treat our Elderly people like this! Please sign this petition and help save our wardens and show our older people you care about them. Thanks for your support.


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Reasons for signing

  • They are vulnerable and need our help.its not nice to be alone
  • Disgusting how our elderly r treated We must be the only country in the world like this !


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