To: Enfield council

Save our trees on 'Green' lanes

Save our trees on 'Green' lanes

Sign here if you want the council to stop decimating our borough of its natural beauty and prevent the council from destroying more trees. The trees along firs lane outside red bamboo are next in line for council decimation.

Why is this important?

The council ignore resident concerns and is intent on pressing forward despite the transformation of our Winchmore hill into an ugly, congested, concrete jungle with decimated natural beauty and failing business.

Enfield council presented false statements and visual plans of green lanes in their 'consultation for the cycle lane scheme - on the drawings no mention was made of tearing up and ripping out ten mature trees along our green lanes to date - and more to come.The residents of Winchmore hill did not agree to the replacement of beautiful mature trees with grey slabs of concrete - 'improving public spaces ' in the council's words. No effort has been made to protect the trees at all despite claims to the contrary . Worryingly letters have been put in local communications to inform residents of more trees 'necessary' to be removed . These were not presented as needing removal in the 'consultation' plans.
We live in Winchmore hill because we chose to live amongst greenery and historical mature trees.

London N21

Reasons for signing

  • Enfield Council have a one track mind. They don't pay attention to criticsm. They are right and no other opinion matters. Words fail me to describe their attitude.
  • The Council and in particular some councillors need to be brought to account. Trees are needed to take away pollution and provide oxygen. Keep trees, do not destroy them for a vanity project nobody wants - apart from the Council.
  • This council is reminiscent of a Stalinist state. It knows best, it ignores its residents, it lies to its residents and it appears to think concrete is beautiful. All for the sake of a cyclists utopia which is not being used by the cyclists. It is all an appalling shame and a waste of money.


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