To: Barnsley Council

Save Penny Pie Park

Save Penny Pie Park

Sign the petition to show Barnsley Council that Penny Pie Park is an integral part of the community and makes no sense to get rid of it for a roundabout. There has to be a better alternative which would work for both the community and the council.

Why is this important?

Barnsley Council are wanting to build a gyratory on Penny Pie Park in Pogmoor effectively turning the remaining park into a roundabout.
The objections are:
It’s a much loved and used green space by a variety of people from young children, teenagers, dog walkers, disabled, the elderly, people reading papers and everything in between.
Obesity levels are on the rise and to take away one of the few large green spaces would be a detriment to the community. Children would end up on street corners or in their bedroom
Both noise and air pollution would rise due to the felling of healthy trees
We should be discouraging cars rather than creating ways to encourage them to come into town so improvements should be made to our public transport system
The park is a lifesaver as the Yorkshire Air Ambulance lands on the park due to the hospital not having a helipad this is usually to support the Embrace service
The park creates an income as the Scott Pullen & Son Fairground comes several times a year
The park is maintained by a Community group who organise events throughout the year. They have been nominated and won awards including Pride of Barnsley. They have raised funds to provide a pathway, trees, shrubs and are still doing the good work. Tree sculptures have been created around the park incorporating a story/nature trail for the younger children.

Pogmoor Road, Barnsley

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Reasons for signing

  • To sacrifice open space to build a road in this devastating period of climate change is backward thinking of the worst kind
  • I am sick and tired of Barnsley council taking away our much loved public spaces and services. They did the same thing with the library remember? Ignored thousands of objections, petitions, protests, and went ahead with what " they " thought was best. They know better Barnsley council, better than us, the little people the people who's lives are affected by their ill thought out vanity projects. Their arrogance knows no bounds.
  • My now grown up children loved this field and all its beautiful trees when they were young and they still do now all these years later. lets leave it there for future generations to enjoy.


2018-09-22 23:23:27 +0100


Just to make you aware I shall be closing the petition on Wednesday morning as I shall be presenting it to the leader of the council in a meeting in the afternoon. Please continue to share with your friends and family so we have as many signatures as possible.

Thank you so much for all your help and support it’s been incredibly humbling the response and wonderful to know so many people care about Barnsley as a whole

With much love and gratitude from
The Save Penny Pie Park Action Group 👍

2018-09-12 04:40:59 +0100

Hello friends,

I’d just like to say another huge thank you for the support. Please continue to share this petition on social media, but most importantly send in objections to Andrew Barton the planning officer at Barnsley Council. The last day to submit online objections is the 13th September but letters can still be submitted after this date and considered. The link is

2018-08-23 17:44:24 +0100

Thank you once again for taking the time to sign, share and spread the word about this petition.
We now have over 1400 signatures 😊.
On Monday, 11-3, we are encouraging you to come along and tie a yellow ribbon to the trees and for the children to draw pictures, write poems or stories to also tie to the trees. Come along and join us
Many thanks for helping to save Penny Pie Park
Lyndsey Darren

2018-08-11 11:01:52 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2018-08-02 21:24:33 +0100

Hi, just to update everyone who’s signed
An interview and photo shoot has been done with the Chronicle today going out in tomorrow’s paper front page and inside spread
An interview has been held with Dearne FM which went out today
I’ve emailed Look North, The One Show and Dan Jarvis, I’m just waiting for a response 🤞
I’ve spoken to the local councillor and discussed the issue at length. I’m going to arrange a meeting at the beginning of September before the meeting with the planning department.
We’ve received the letter from the council to voice our objections which has been done
I’m very conscious that there’s not a lot of time to get things done but I don’t want there to be a lot of noise and attention now with nothing else for weeks we need momentum.
Thank you all for signing and sharing this petition we just need to stick together and hope our voices are heard.

2018-07-31 23:04:59 +0100

500 signatures reached

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100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

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25 signatures reached

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