To: The charity and it's trustees, local councils, local MP and the press.

Save Swanley Age Concern Charity Shop From Closure RACDV

Save Swanley Age Concern Charity Shop From Closure RACDV

To reconsider their decision to close the shop in February 2018

Why is this important?

Our successful charity shop is the only visible support in the Swanley area for the elderly and sells really useful clothes and goods at low prices to help those in need in our community.
We also have a 5-day a week walk in advice and information service and we help in tackling isolation and loneliness for the elderly in our community. It has also helped older volunteers gain the confidence to get back into other employment.
The shop is profitable so us volunteers are at a complete loss as to why the trustees are closing it and want them to reverse their decision to fulfil their remit as trustees and in the best interests of the elderly in our area.

How it will be delivered

deliver them in person

Swanley, Kent

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Reasons for signing

  • it's a great charity, with fantastic staff who work hard at keeping the shop in great condition. I am moving to Swanley this month and I plan to volunteer at this Swanley charity shop. Charity shops offer a great selection of items from the local people, to the local people, as well as people traveling to Swanley. The volunteering outlet is a great way for people who suffer from mental illness to get back into work.


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