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To: Adur and Worthing council

Save the current attractions (including wheelchair accessible equipment) at Brooklands.

Save the current attractions (including wheelchair accessible equipment) at Brooklands.

Save, maintain and even make better the paddling pool and accesible (in wheelchair) play equipment, replace the train and soft play areas.

Why is this important?

Brooklands was initially designed as a pleasure park, not an educational nature facility. On the door step are many settings more equipped to be such places like widewater, pullbourough brooks, woods mill, southwater, swanbourne lake and of course the downs. What the locality doesn't have is an abundance of accesible, fun places to go and in fact, Brooklands was West sussex's first accesible play park!

With a 2 millions pound budget it seems very little thought has gone in to what the area wants to retain from the original park instead favouring a blank slate approach.

Children enjoy water play, play parks and indeed trains. A large indoor leisure facility isn't required to make it a rainy day attraction instead a small soft play area as before is enough for children.

The new plans sound good but they miss out the very young and the disabled and take away a lot of the fun. We should be aiming to make attractions more accesible, currently there is wheelchair swings, roundabout and the train was accesible there seems no plans to parallel or better this.

This review is one which highlights how important the facilities are or at least were and could be again for everyone.

Lancing BN15

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Reasons for signing

  • More facilities like this are needed.
  • Brooklands has been a great place for families. The paddling pool and playground are a real delight for our children to enjoy. Pls dont destroy what is a lovely place to visit.
  • Children dont need over stimulating science parks! The simplicity of brooklands was its appeal with areas galore to explore their own imaginations, along with no ridiculous entrance fees for parents it was a fantastic place to come. I visited frequently with my grandparents 30 years ago and really wanted my son to experience the same enjoyment and happy memories.


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