To: Yeovil District Hospital NHS Trust Board

SOMERSET NHS under threat - sign and take action!

SOMERSET NHS under threat - sign and take action!

NHS services at Yeovil District Hospital are under threat – Trust bosses want to transfer 350 staff out of the NHS and into “Simply Serve Ltd”, a separate company.

The Trust intends to make the final decision to set up subco on 20 December at its Board meeting. This petition calls on the Trust Board to defer this decision and allow for consultation on the subco proposal with patients, staff and other stakeholders.

So far there has not been proper consultation on whether or not the Trust should set up a subco.

Instead YDH have only consulted on the process of transferring staff to a subco, which indicates the decision has already been made to set up the subco. This isn't good enough - YDH have not looked into other options or asked stakeholders for views.

That's why we are asking for YDH to pause the subco plan and consult with staff and other stakeholders on the Trust's desire to set one up.

Why is this important?

This is a big step towards breaking up the NHS in Somerset. It splits up the NHS family, can make services worse for patients, and puts staff at risk from attacks on their pay and conditions.

Together we can stop the Trust’s scheme. To do that we need the strength of EVERYONE. Please sign our petition, share with family and friends, and across social media. Let’s get as many signatures as possible. The Trust is currently refusing to consult and engage with trade unions and the public!

The 350 workers the Trust is targeting are employed in Estates and Facilities. But if this plan goes through, other departments will follow. Hospital bosses want to make terms and conditions more “flexible” – and we all know that’s code for cutbacks.

YDH’s claim that this scheme reduces their VAT payments is misguided. More Parliamentary scrutiny is falling on NHS Trusts who attempt to lower their tax payments. It’s robbing Peter to pay Paul – it doesn’t create any more money for public services. The only people making a profit are consultancy firms “advising” the Trust.


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Reasons for signing

  • Yeovil hospital and it's staff and services are invaluable to our town and surrounding areas. We need to support matters such as this more than anything. Lives depend on it.
  • nhs needs to be together so one part knows what the other part does that way the Patient recovers quicker.
  • Privatising parts of any organisation leads to fragmented management. This in turn adversely affects efficiency. The government say that they want greater efficiency, but they know what they are doing will cause the opposite. They are privatising the NHS step by step. It must be stopped at every possible opportunity.


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